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Shipping & Return Policy

We have a very simple Shipping Policy at the Spot Test Company- it's free. If the United States Postal Service can get the material to your address we will pay for the shipping. Our product is compact and light so the expense of handling the order and mailing it to you as First Class USPS mail is on us.

Our return policy is a little more complicated. We want you to get the product you requested in a timely fashion delivered in perfect working condition. We understand that sometimes this will not happen for whatever reasons. We will, in general, promptly replace any order that fails to meet these criteria. However, we reserve the right to request a return of the material in question prior to replacing your order at our discretion.

No matter how large or how small your order is we will get it to you free of shipping charges. We will break up large orders and ship to multiple locations if that is what you need. Contact us at for special shipping instruction.

We value your business and will do everything we can to get your orders to you free from costs and concern.

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