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WARNING: This product contains sulfites.  If you ever wondered why this warning shows up on labels you have come to the right place.                               

The purpose of Spot Test Company is to manufacture and distribute a spot test strip designed to show the presence of sulfite in food products. Sodium sulfite can be used to adulterate food products by retarding the normal oxidation process that produces discoloration of the products. This natural discoloration associated with food products, even under refrigerated conditions, is an indicator of the freshness of the product. Extending the display or holding time of a product increases the amount of time available for bacterial growth and masks the product’s normal aging process disguising its lack of freshness. Sulfites are also associated with allergic reaction typified by asthmatic reaction to anaphylactic shock in individual sensitive to the compound. The compound is often used in shellfish, meat, poultry, vegetable products, and wine.  The structures below are some common forms of sulfite used to preserve food.  Foods labeled as fresh cannot contain any preservatives and food containing in excess of 10 parts per million must be labeled to warn consumers the product contains sulfites.  Our product will detect part per million levels of sulfites, is easy to use requiring no special equipment, is inexpensive and allows you to see for yourself if sulfites are in your food. 

                                     Sodium Sulfite                             Sodium Bisulfite     Sodium Bisulfite                Sodium Sulfate                 xSodium Metabisfite

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